Our Gen Con 50 Story

For some people Gen Con is daunting, crowded, and intimidating. For Traci and Kurt, Gen Con 50 was their chance to tell a wonderful story of games, experiences, and lots of fun to be had. Join them as they take you through their adventure that starts even before the con even starts! Sites, sounds, and smells (Yep, you heard right) were all had here! Join them for great news, interviews, and more!


Check out some great pics from the con:


Pictures from the Kosmos booth:


The beautiful Kerala:                             All of the great Kosmos games:

Kurt’s interview with Nicole:              Let’s play Lost Cities, Imhotep, or Ubungo


Pics from the Legendary DXP HQ:


              The view above HQ:                        Kurt talking to Jason Brenner about                                                                                     Legendary DXP:

The characters and story behind DXP:                   User Friendly:


Pics from Kids Table Board Gaming:


Kurt Interviewing Helaina Cappel:


       Endeavor Re-Releasing Soon:                                          Haunt The House on                                                                                                                    Kickstarter in October:




Playtesting Weird Giraffe Games’ Stellar Leap, on Kickstarter Sept. 18:



Some of the AWESOME products from Shapeways:


                         Talking with Andrew Thomas, Community Manager at                                                                                       Shapeways


Hanging out with our great buds from All My Fantasy Children:



Some other great pics from Gen Con 50:


  Traci after winning her big box:           A jokester that thinks this is good for                                                                                         News @ 11 by Floodgate Games



Kurt getting smoked by Traci in                               We’re Famous!                                                  Hero Realms:




                                                           Our Gen Con Haul!

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