What’s New Pussycat?

We talk about all of the games that we’ve been playing so far in 2018, and there’s plenty. *This episode is not suitable for younger listeners


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End of the Year Extravaganza!

Wasn’t 2017 the best year for board games?! I’m asking because I really want to know, was it? Join Kurt, Traci, Dan, and Kim as they talk about their Top 5 from 2017 (That was new to them, not just 2017), what were their surprises and disappointments of 2017, and what their excited to play in 2018. What was your best games of the year new to you? Get in on the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Thank you to everyone for making 2017 a blast! I think we’re going to have an even better one in 2018, stay tuned! *This episode may be not suitable for younger listeners


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Family Holiday Gaming with Mayday Games

The holidays are about getting together with families and enjoying the time with them. How about you get together with a great family game to enjoy with your loved ones and friends? We talk with Daniel Peterson (Lead Game Developer at Mayday Games) about what games are good fun to get the holiday game party started! Have a good holiday from all of us at the MFGCast!


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Unfinished Episode 1: Justin Time


Each month step inside the world of Unfinished! Unfinished is where Jules, the supernatural helper to the ghosts , help them with their unfinished business. But their unfinished business is not what it seems. In this episode, join Justin as he finds out that sometimes when you go out to eat, you get more than you bargain for. If you’re interested in the RPG Unfinished, go to MFGCast.com for your free copy of Unfinished and the Unfinished Hack by Flippy. Grab a copy of Flippy’s Tiny Horsies on DrivethruRPG.com. *This episode may not be suitable for younger listeners

      Unfinished Flippy - MFGCast
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Step Backwards, Step Sideways, and a Step Forward with Dice Placement Games

This week we look at games that are a step backwards, step sideways, and a step forward from the dice placement game of Sagrada. It’s not that one is better or worse than Sagrada, they just play in different ways. What’s your favorite dice placement game? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us yours! *This episode is suitable for all listeners

      Sagrada Step Backwards, Sideways, Forward - MFGCast
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MFGCast Amazing Game Show Thingie!

Are you a fan of game shows? Are you a fan of trivia? Are you a fan of board/video game game shows? Well have we got a show for you! It’s the MFGCast Amazing Game Show Thingie, where we pit the best of the best to see who has the most game knowledge to come out as the winner of our game show thingie! We pit Dan, Kim, Traci, Taco, and Page against each other in a test of wills that can only be settled on the MFGCast! Who will win?! Tune in and find out! *This episode is not suitable for younger listeners


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What we’re thankful for: Jean and Jere Schroeder

Now that it’s reaching the holidays, we like to talk to the people we’re thankful for. In this episode, we talk to Traci’s parents, Jean and Jere, about how they got into games and how they got Traci into gaming. It’s a great thing to have your parents teach you how to game, and we’re thankful to pass that on to our children. We’re also thankful for you, thanks for listening! Make sure you go to MFGCast.com to use our Amazon link to help us pay the bills!

      Thanksgiving The Schroeder's - MFGCast
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Invasion of the Body Looters

No matter what kind of game you play (RPG, video game, board game), we love getting rewards. Whether it’s gold, trinkets, whatever, receiving goodies is great! Join Dan and Kurt as they talk to Jason Bice from B Team Games about Loot the Body, a fun dexterous fantasy battle game now on Kickstarter. With great art and interesting gameplay, this game is certain to be fun for young and old alike! Then go to http://kck.st/2yeKSot and help fund this cheap, indie game! A big thanks to Jason Bice for coming on to talk to us!

      Jason Bice Interview - MFGCast
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Neglected Games

Have you ever played a game and thought, “Why isn’t anyone talking about these games?” Join Kurt and Dan as they talk about the games you should be playing, that don’t get enough love. Included are games from Tasty Minstrel Games, Fairway 3 Games, and more! Please leave us a iTunes review! Spread the word of the MFGCast! *This episode is not suitable for younger listeners.

      Neglected Games - MFGCast
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Games that take up all of your time

Let’s face it, time is shorter for us than we think. There’s only so much time in the day for fun. How do we spend it? Do we play that game like Magic the Gathering or Final Fantasy that takes up most of your time when you play? Join Kim, Kurt, and Dan as they talk about the games that take up all of your time. Wanna help the podcast out? Leave us a review to spread the word! Thanks in advance!


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