Get 12 RPG’s from Riverhouse Games for donating to our Extra Life!

Our good friend, Taylor LaBresh from Riverhouse Games, has graciously volunteered to give our fans a chance at getting 12 of Riverhouse Games RPG’s by Taylor! Taylor has a great heart and some great games he’s working on every month for Riverhouse Games. For example, check out Five Single Playsets, a companion to A Single Moment by Tobie Abad:

Or check out the Riverhouse Games website:

So how do you get your hands on this great deal?

1. The first person to comment on this post or message us on our Facebook page or Twitter page (@MFGCast) and say that they’re committing $25 to our Extra Life campaign, gets the “Early Bird Special” and gets 12 PDF games for a low price.

2. We’re auctioning off another set of 12 Riverhouse Games RPG’s for Extra Life, starting at $25. For one week, starting 10/5 and ending 10/12 at 8pm CST, you can bid on the package of PDF games on the comments section of this article, our Facebook page, or our Twitter (@MFGCast).

For both deals, make sure that you include your name in the claiming.

When you win either package, the MFGCast will have to verify your name and donation before we start the collecting on the games.

Don’t miss out on these great deals, and let’s get these great donations to Extra Life to help cure sick kids! Thanks you!

Our Extra Life Campaign Page:

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Extra Life 2016


Ladies and Gentleman! It’s that time of the year again, and we’re upgrading the heck out of raising money for sick kids! Extra Life raises millions of dollars every year to help children make it through life a little easier. Being a parent isn’t easy, and having a healthy child makes parents sleep a little better at night. This year we’re auctioning games, and giving you some gaming goodness in return! Stay tuned to @mfgcast on Twitter and the MFGCast Facebook page for more info!

But here’s one of the things we can give you for donating! Go to the link to donate on the top right of this website, and tell us in the comments of the donation what game you want to play. What does this mean?

For a $25 donation, Kurt will run a one shot RPG for you and three of your friends (On Kurt’s schedule)

For a $50 donation, Kurt will run a two session RPG or two one shots of a RPG for you and three of your friends (On Kurt’s schedule)

For a $75-$100 donation, Kurt will run a six session RPG for you and three of your friends (On Kurt’s schedule)

We are teaming up with the Flip the Table podcast this year to hopefully raise $10,000 to heal sick kids, and we hope with your help we can make it!

Thanks for your consideration!

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An MFGCast interview with Brian Feister, Creator of Open Legend RPG


What do you get when you have a fantasy RPG that features exploding dice, magic in everything that happens, and a project that is getting help from the wonderful likes of Matthew Mercer and Ed Greenwood? You’ll have to listen to this great interview with Brian Feister to find out! Listen to this great interview and fund Open Legend RPG on Kickstarter starting on October 18th! Thanks for listening!

      Open Legend Interview - MFGCast
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All Your VP Belong to Us Episode 1: Top 5


Let’s welcome All Your VP Are Belong to Us to the MFGCast family! In this first episode of All Your VP Are Belong to Us, Taco and Jordan talk about what they’ve been playing recently, 5 games they recommend to you, and 5 other things (Pop Culture, etc.) they recommend to you! For more great reviews and information on everything Taco and Jordan, go to and follow @So1ks on Twitter!

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Storytelling Board Games

Dead-of-Winter-The-Long-Night pic2398773

We are excited to welcome Dan and Kim to the MFGCast family! How do we do that? By making them in charge of the latest episode, where we talk about storytelling board games! We talk about the games that come to our heads when we think about wonderful games that tell a great story! We also talk about some Weird Games and rate Dead of Winter and the expansion The Long Night!

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An MFGCast interview with Helaina and Josh Cappel from Kids Table Board Gaming

download (2)


In this episode, we talk to Helaina and Josh Cappel about running a newer game company, how a husband/wife combo deal with making and releasing a game, and how they were able to get the great Scott Almes to make the game Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants, funding on kickstarter Sept. 27th! Make sure that you fund Problem Picnic when it comes out! Thanks for listening!

      Kids Table Interview - MFGCast
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An MFGCast Family Spotlight on Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants



This episode Kurt, his wife Traci and his son Logan review Problem Picnic: The Attack of the Ants! This dexterity game developed by Scott Almes and being released by Kids Table Board Gaming is a family game that is not only kids but for adults! So what did we think of it? Tune in to find out and if the game sounds like it’s for you, help fund it on Kickstarter September 27!

      Problem Picnic Review - MFGCast
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An MFGCast interview with Danny Fisher about Haven: Titan Command, now on Kickstarter!

We had the unique chance to talk to Danny Fisher about Games Knight’s game Haven: Titan Command, now on Kickstarter!

How do you play Haven: Titan Command?


So the game is played between 2-4 players, where each player chooses a Titan to pilot. A deck represents equipment and field skills that each player will arm onto their Titan, and on their turn, will activate guns, shields, call in reinforcements or dodge attacks.

Each Titan represents on of the four factions who are fighting over the Haven Galaxy, and each has their own theme, style and mechanics.

Ravent summoning finalhr (1)

The Ravent are an ancient race of defenders who have been awoken as the war erupts, they play as a late game style deck as they grow and adapt to their surroundings. The Ravent start weak, but after a few turns their equipment becomes unrivaled. They also have one of the most unique cards that buries itself into your opponents deck and acts like a ticking time bomb.

The Phalon rely on their advanced technology to rule the battlefield. They hide behind powerful defensive cards and rely on combos of cards to win. They also use some of the most impactful manouevre cards, some capable of ignoring all incoming damage, the critical protocol of the Phalon Titan is also one of my favourites, it can be game winning.

The Virullas are controlled by a corrupt protocol, and act through autonomous commands. They have access to the widest range of equipment and with their efficiency play as a control deck. They have the ability to shut you down, with precision attacks and fuel stealing equipment, they are a complete nuisance.

The Go’Er are nomadic cast offs, drifting across the galaxy searching for new homes, their mechanics rely on scrapping cards and throwing caution to the wind, they are by far the most aggressive of decks, the Titan is also my favourite and capable of dealing huge damage with almost no resources.


This game looks like it’s taken a very long time to get to Kickstarter. It’s gorgeous! Tell us the process of getting this game to the final look/gameplay?

Thanks! Its been a few years since we began, and this has given us the time to get everything right. We’ve found some fantastic artists who brought to life our designs, and we’ve expanded the lore of the galaxy so that players can become attached to their faction and characters. As for the gameplay we taken our game to Expo’s and gaming groups who helped us to iron out any problems. We’ve been playing card games since we were teenagers and have used that experience to create something we enjoyed playing and something that felt exciting each time you played.


Where did your company get the inspiration for this game?

We’ve always been into mechas no matter what the platform, watching Gundam, Macross, Evangalion, games like Mechwarrior and Steel Battalion, and then recent films like Pacific Rim, we felt a card game that replicates mecha duels was missing.


What are you doing with this game that sets it apart from the others?

We set out to create a new experience in a dueling style card game, where it wasn’t just about summoning lots of creatures and random spells, so every action the player takes feels like a real movement taken by the Titan. If you fire a weapon, activate a shield, call in an airstrike or dodge an attack you feel like the pilot. At the end of the fight you have a story that’s been told, and we’ve had some pretty crazy scenarios occur that really felt like a scene from a film.

We’ve also made a purpose built app that tracks your Titan’s strength and fuel levels, immersing you into the game, it isn’t required for play, but can help to remove some of the clutter of tokens as you play.

Kuno-8 Final hs

What would it mean to the company of this game were to fund?

It would mean everything, we’ve put so much into this game that we just want to see it on the shelves. We’ve learned a lot too and have so many more ideas, not just for Haven but for other games, success from this campaign would show us that we can do it and push us on.


What are we looking at for pledge levels and stretch goals?

So we have kept this quiet simple, there is one pledge level to receive the Core Set, which has all the cards and tokens needed to play. If you want to have a hand in designing a card, there’s one pledge level that lets you control the artwork and mechanics.

As for stretch goals, every stretch goal we hit will add the item(s) into each Core Set. We are hoping to add extra cards, playmats and dice.

£1 – A huge thank you from us, exclusive downloadable wallpaper and your name listed in the Founders of Haven section of the Operators Manual.

£29 – A copy of the core set which contains 190 cards, 100 tokens and the rules. All stretch goals unlocked will be added to this pledge.

£199 – Design an equipment card, you can direct the artwork, theme and mechanics of a brand new piece of equipment to be included in the Core Set.


Thanks to Danny Fisher from Game Knight for talking with us about this beautiful game! We wanna see this funded, so let’s help them out! Go to to fund this game and get your MF’n game on!

Thanks for reading!

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An MFGCast Interview with Stephen Joy

d2b4a68aa8fa599a09c6f8e3907f9124 Weekly-Patreon-Adventure-Pack-001-sm

We got to talk to Stephen Joy, a wonderful artist about his gaming art, his roleplaying career, and lots more! Stephen is a great, interesting person and talking with him was a blast! If you want to support Stephen, go to his Patreon and get some great maps, etc.!:

      Stephen Joy Interview - MFGCast
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Convention Season 2016 Part Two with Taco from So1ks Gaming

pic2582542_md gencon

We talk to Taco about his convention experiences at Gen Con, Origins, and more! We also talk about the great games that came out at those convetions, what to do/not at conventions, and more! Lastly, we review Aquashere with Dan and Kim from the GNU Podcast, and a special annoucement! Enjoy!

      Convention Season Taco 2016 - MFGCast
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