An interview with Dave Killingsworth about the Kickstarter for The Lords Of Rock


We talk to Dave Killingsworth from Solar Flare Games about the Kickstarter for The Lords of Rock. We talk to Dave about how the game came to be, as well as the strategy within and the gorgeous art done by two very wonderful artists! So listen to this wonderful interview and then go back The Lords of Rock Kickstarter here!:

      Dave Killingsworth Interview (Lords of Rock) - MFGCast
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Gaming With Kids with Matt Ballert

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This episode we talk to Matt Ballert about gaming with our kids! We talk about how to get our kids to play, what to play, how to keep them playing, and more! Plus, we review the tile laying game Lanterns: The Harvest Festival by Foxtrot Games and Renegade Game Studios! Thanks to Matt for being a great guest and go follow Matt on Twitter (@NerdUnfiltered) and follow Matt on Twitter (@NerdUnfiltered) and follow Matt Ballert on Google Plus!

*Music for the Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Intro provided by Battlebards

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Pirates! Part Two!



In the next and final installment of the Pirates RPG that Kurt runs for his 6 year old son Logan, Captain Hook (no relation) and his crew finds themselves on a strange ship with some interesting characters. Captain Hook also has to lead his “men” through some peril to get the treasure of Bear Bones! Thanks for listening!

      Logan Pirates RPG Part Two - MFGCast

Make sure to get in on the great Godsfall Worldbook on Kickstarter!

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Pirates! Part One


Kurt gets to GM his first RPG with his 6 year old son Logan, and the theme is PIRATES! Logan did a great job playing his character, and Kurt had a great time GM’ing! In part one, Logan’s character Captain Hook (no relation) finds out that being a pirate is hard and fighting a Kracken is harder! Also, just staying for Logan trying to steer the whole roleplay is worth it! Thanks for listening!

      Logan Pirate RPG Part One - MFGCast
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RPG Setting




In this episode, we chat with Red Shirt Shane, Megan and Aser from The Redacted Files podcast, and Jesse from the Dragonfisters podcast about RPG Setting! We ask the hard hitting questions: Does a great RPG setting make a great game? What components make up a great RPG setting? What’s your favorite kind of setting? And more! We’ve had fun chatting up about RPG setting, won’t you join us?

      RPG Setting - MFGCast
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Couples Gaming with Kim and Dan from the GNU Podcast




In this episode, Kurt and his wife Traci talk to Dan and Kim from the GNU Podcast about games that the couples like to play together, what convention Dan and Kim got engaged, and what is our favorite reason to play with our significant other! We also review Above and Below by Red Raven Games, with music provided by Battlebards for the intro to the game review and example for the Encounter Book. So grab your loved one and listen to this fun episode!

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D&D Improv LIVE w/The MFGCast All Stars!

dungeons_n_dragons_logo_old_3_by_banesbox-d31uxsx tumblr_lmg4h4NGKo1qc9w3l

On May 15, Kurt from the MFGCast along with Alex Jarzebinski from Battlebards, Taylor LaBresh from The Leviathan Files, Rohit Sodhia from Gamers Plane, and Quinn Wilson from the Swallows of the South performed a D&D Improv LIVE. The setting was about the last adventure involved stealing from the bandits and some of the items they’re carrying are embarrassingly incriminating. What ensued afterward involved multiple throwing up, multiple face punches, and multiple of one body part being cut off (but we won’t spoil which one!). So enjoy this great D&D improv!

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The Taco Stand: Taco and Jordan’s Top 10 Games

In this episode of The Taco Stand, Taco and Jordan give you their Top 10 games of all time, or at least for now! There is a lot of great games on their lists, so think of your Top 10 games so you can compare! We also find out that Taco doesn’t know what picking one single game for a number of his list is! For more great gaming goodness from Taco and Jordan, go to!

      Taco Stand Top 10 Games - MFGCast
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Inside Intellectual Property with Mike Wokasch from Fairway 3 Games

We got the chance to talk to Mike Wokasch from Fairway 3 Games, who’s also an intellectual property lawyer about intellectual property info pertaining to games. We talk about copyright, artistic license, and lots more! It may not sound exciting, but we had a great conversation with Mike that includes why Disney is solely responsible for copyright law. So “Lawyer Up!” It’s an episode about intellectual property!

      IP Mike Wokasch - MFGCast
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A Kickstarter Spotlight for Starving Artists by Fairway 3 Games

For this Kickstarter Spotlight, we focus on Starving Artists by Fairway 3 Games. It’s a quick, fun game in which you work for paints, paint your masterpieces, and sell your art for status. All the while not starving to death! It’s not as morbid as it’s sounds, the game is actually quite fun! Or is it? You’ll have to listen to find out what we thought! Then go fund this great game on Kickstarter starting April 19th!

      Kickstarter Spotlight Starving Artists - MFGCast
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