An MFGCast interview with Dave Killingsworth from SolarFlare Games about Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion

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In this episode, Kurt talks with Dave Killingsworth about Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion, a new Kickstarter from SolarFlare games! In Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion, all players cooperatively try to take out alien and escape the forest without being destroyed! Use cards, dice, and luck to make it out of the Nightmare Forest alive! Dave is always fun to talk to, and what you’ll get with this game will be fun everytime you play it! Make sure to go to Kickstarter February 24th, and help fund this spooky game!

      Dave Killingsworth Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion - MFGCast
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An MFGCast Interview with Hayley and Veronica from Storybrewers about Alas for the Awful Sea

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In this episode, Kurt talks to Hayley and Veronica from Storybrewers about their upcoming Kickstarter for the amazing Alas for the Awful Sea! What would you do if you lived on the sea and perils were around every corner? Fueled by Apocalypse World, this RPG has a background and theme that seasoned veterans and new players alike can sink their teeth into. After you check out this, make sure to head RIGHT OVER to Kickstarter to help fund this great game by getting the PDF, Softcover or Hardcover books! Thanks for listening!

      Storybrewers MFG Interview - MFGCast
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An MFGCast Review of AssassinCon

In this episode, Kurt reviews AssassinCon by Mayday Games. In AssassinCon, players assume the role of a particular Assassin trying to sneak around and “take out” the competition by going into the same room and assassinating them, or using the Electrical Room/Sniper Booth/Security Office to sabotage the other assassins. Will this 4-6 player game be a “killer” game, or will it be assassinated off of our game shelves? Find out!

      AssassinCon Review - MFGCast
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An MFGCast Review of Find Your Seats

Happy New Year everyone! In this episode, Kurt reviews the game Find Your Seats, one of three micro card games by Button Shy Games being funded on Kickstarter starting January 3rd! In Find Your Seats, players are playing party planners that are having a terrible day! In order to make their days better, they must seat the right guests together to score points. Use conversation pieces, age, and special abilities to win the day! Listen to our review of Find Your Seats, then fund it on Kickstarter along with two other great micro games: Avignon: Pilgrimage and Turbo Drift! Buy one game for $12, two for $22, or all three for $30!

      Find Your Seats Review - MFGCast
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MFGCast X-Mas 2016

Cool-Xmas-Gifts-1 top 3

It’s an MFGCast X-Mas bonanza! Join Dan, Traci, Kim and Kurt as they talk about what they think are the perfect Christmas gifts for one another, what are great stocking stuffers for this Christmas, and the their Top 3 picks for 2016! Also make sure to listen for the great Christmas tunes!


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An MFGCast review of the Tiny Horsies RPG

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In this episode we review Flippy Da Man’s Tiny Horsies RPG! Have you ever wanted to play a flying horse with great empathy? This RPG is not only a great game for filling that need, but also a great tool for planning or starting your RPG lifestyle! If you’re interested, find the Tiny Horsies RPG here:

      Tiny Horsies Review - MFGCast
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Fantasy Improv: Victorian Steampunk London

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In this Fantasy Improv Kurt is joined by Taylor, Dan, Rohit, Frankie, and Past to walk the streets of Victorian Steampunk London! Plus, Bone Train. What is Bone Train? It’s the Bone Train dedicated to Bone Train. Need to know more? Listen on… *This Fantasy Improv was recorded from Google Hangouts*

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Ether Wars, on Kickstarter NOW!

We had the great chance of talking to Jon Eguia Bengoechea about Burning Games’ Kickstarter for Ether Wars, the gorgeous dice game funding RIGHT NOW!:


What is Ether Wars?

It’s the fruit of over two years of design and playtest efforts from our friends Javi and Álvaro. The end result is a tight, super strategic game that still allows you to just pick up a handful of dice and hope for the best every now and then 🙂



You’ve had two successful Kickstarter campaigns with your Faith RPG’s and now are running a Kickstarter to successfully fund a board game. Are you planning to take over all of the gaming world genres with your games?

Well, that didn’t take long! After only two genres someone is already onto us! In all seriousness though, we’d love to make one game of each big genre out there… And we are already working on it. Stay tuned!


What is the Ether in this game, and why do we need to control it?

The Ether is a very powerful resource left behind by the Ethereals. Now the four main species fight to control it, as whoever dominates it will control the entirety of the universe!


It looks like the different species have different strengths and weaknesses. What are those and how can we use those to crush mine enemies?

The Dracon are a violent species, specialized on killing everyone and everything. The Vai are expert manipulators, always adapting the board to their needs. The Rippers are very good at getting protein, which allows them to grow great armies; and finally the Human are very versatile, relying on mercenaries to adapt their strategies very swiftly and disrupt their opponents.


This game is retailing for only $41 retail in US dollars. There is A LOT of components in this game. Why not make this a $60 game? Don’t you guys like money?

The exchange rate definitely plays a big part of that. The flip side is we want to make this long term and take the game to distribution if possible. The competition is brutal, so we do what we can 😉


Who do you think Ether Wars tailors to?

People who love rolling dice, and more importantly, people who like strategy with a dose of controllable luck. Many dice in the game can be “powered up” to stack the odds in your favor. The main mechanics of the game are worker placement, resource management and area control, as you need to control the middle of the board to channel the Ether necessary to win. Finally, there is a lot of fighting and player interaction in the game, so if you like that, you will love Ether Wars. If you just want to do your own thing better than everybody else without anyone messing up your perfect strategy, then this game might not be your cup of tea 🙂


You say that you have some Stretch Goals coming soon. Why are you so cruel not to share those with us now? ☺

We are planning to put them up really soon… we want to make some Kickstarter Exclusive stretch goals, but that involves a lot of careful planning. Some of what is in store are extra tokens and card variations, as well as cool gems to represent the Ether.


What would it mean for the game to become a reality?

Two-fold answer: another successful step for Burning Games to take over the gaming world genres, and making the dream of two talented game designers come true.



Thanks to Jon and the wonderful team at Burning Games for the interview! Copy and paste the link to your browser to fund this great game NOW!:

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The Evolution of Deck Building Games

The deck building game, a genre in the board game industry that is not as old as you would think it is, still has a rich history. Dan, Kim, Traci, and Kurt discuss the games that defined this genre, from Dominion to Clank, and many great games in between! This genre is a favorite of ours, and talking about all of them was a blast! Also, we rate our Top 3 deck builders that you should really check out if you haven’t! Also remember to get great deals from Battlebards and Roll4Initiative, go to and!

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Living in a Fantasy Dream World: Rainn and Thondorn

Brandon finds his way into a tough situation, where hate and prejudice are threatening to break apart a scared couple. *This episode contains sensitive material. Listener discretion is advised.

      Living in a Fantasy Dream World: Rainn and Thondorn - MFGCast
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