Step Back, Step Sideways, Step Forward with Worker Placement Games

Have you ever played a type of game and wondered, “What games are similar to this?” In this episode, we talk about what is similar in the worker placement genre that’s a step back, step sideways, and a step forward from the game Lords of Waterdeep. The games that we talk about are similar in many ways, but have subtle differences that make each experience unique. So go on this journey with us, and thanks for listening! *This episode is for all ages

      Step Forward-Worker Placement - MFGCast
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MFGCast University

Hello, fellow students, welcome to MFGCast University. The classes are plentiful, the assignments are grueling, but the professors are phenomenal! Get ready Rodney Dangerfield as we take you through classes of Botany, Math, History, and more! School’s in session fools! *This episode is for all ages

      MFGCast University - MFGCast
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Our Gen Con 50 Story

For some people Gen Con is daunting, crowded, and intimidating. For Traci and Kurt, Gen Con 50 was their chance to tell a wonderful story of games, experiences, and lots of fun to be had. Join them as they take you through their adventure that starts even before the con even starts! Sites, sounds, and smells (Yep, you heard right) were all had here! Join them for great news, interviews, and more!

Check out some great pics from the con:


Pictures from the Kosmos booth:


The beautiful Kerala:                             All of the great Kosmos games:

Kurt’s interview with Nicole:              Let’s play Lost Cities, Imhotep, or Ubungo


Pics from the Legendary DXP HQ:


              The view above HQ:                        Kurt talking to Jason Brenner about                                                                                     Legendary DXP:

The characters and story behind DXP:                   User Friendly:


Pics from Kids Table Board Gaming:


Kurt Interviewing Helaina Cappel:


       Endeavor Re-Releasing Soon:                                          Haunt The House on                                                                                                                    Kickstarter in October:




Playtesting Weird Giraffe Games’ Stellar Leap, on Kickstarter Sept. 18:



Some of the AWESOME products from Shapeways:


                         Talking with Andrew Thomas, Community Manager at                                                                                       Shapeways


Hanging out with our great buds from All My Fantasy Children:



Some other great pics from Gen Con 50:


  Traci after winning her big box:           A jokester that thinks this is good for                                                                                         News @ 11 by Floodgate Games



Kurt getting smoked by Traci in                               We’re Famous!                                                  Hero Realms:




                                                           Our Gen Con Haul!

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The Bark Game Geek Episode: A Dog’s Life

Christophe Boelinger has a canine themed dog game on Kickstarter that’s good for the whole family including the hardcore gamer of the house! Up to 6 players will emBARK on an adventure to be the first to get 3 bones by exploring, picking up and delivering, planning, plotting, peeing, and more! All of the dogs play in unique ways and to find out more, tune in and then check out the Kickstarter:

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Cooking Rumble

Cooking…it’s not for the weak minded. When you mix in rumbling, does that make a game the hardcore match of games? Grab your ingredients, get ready to make your dishes, and LET’S RUMBLE! Cooking Rumble by Aether Tower Studios, funding on Kickstarter starting August 22nd!

      Cooking Rumble - MFGCast
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Local Talent Spotlight

In this episode Dan and Kim work towards the return of Kurt while also taking enough time to appreciate a local game designer, the one and only Dr. Steve Finn. We talk about a few of his many games and have an interview with the good Doctor himself. Who are your local game designers? Tell us on Twitter @MFGCast and on Facebook!

      Finn Games - MFGCast
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Local Cons and Why They’re Great

With titans like Gen Con, Origins, PAX and all of the other big cons out there it’s easy to forget the little guy. In this episode, Dan takes two newcomers to the local con and explore the beauty of local cons: the cons in your own backyard!

      Dan talk with Mike and Julie about Dexcon - MFGCast
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What were excited about seeing at Gen Con 50

This will be the second year that the MFGCast will be at Gen Con, and we’re excited to schmooze with the big wigs and little wigs, see our friends, and play some games! Here are some of the games that will be at Gen Con 50 that we’re excited about:



If there was an award for a game that wows the audience with it’s cover art, Photosynthesis is it. This is a, you guessed it, photosynthesis. The sun moves around the board, and depending how you sow the seed of love, you get victory points for beautiful grown trees. We hope that Blue Orange Games brought a ton of copies of the game, because we have a feeling that this will be the popular game of the con.


Cities of Splendor:


Splendor was a surprise hit by Space Cowboys that vaulted them into the eyes and ears of gamers, with simple mechanics, fun gameplay and gorgeous art. Some people complained that there wasn’t enough interaction in the game. Cities of Splendor looks to add some variety to an already fun game. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: The Monster Box of Monsters:

Another Harry Potter game? No. This deckbuilding game brings all of the best things about deckbuilding games and Harry Potter and puts it together. Go through the books, upgrade your decks/characters and defeat some baddies. But what happens when the monsters show up? I’m guessing nothing good, for the heroes at least.

Affliction: Salem 1692

Dan got to talk to Dan Hundycz from DPH Games about this interesting worker placement game at Dexcon a about the witch trials of 1692. With unique art and interesting gameplay, we’re excited to see what the fuss is all about.


The Many Games of Renegade Games:

Renegade Games has been killing it with the titles they’ve been coming out lately, and Gen Con 50 is their time to shine. Scott Pilgrim, Sentient, and Ex Libris are some games to really get excited over. The hotness is as hot as it gets, but can we stand the heat? We’ll see…


This Gen Con, we’re excited to bring you the news that you want to hear! We’ll be talking with some great people from HABA, Upper Deck, Kosmos, and more! So stay tuned @mfgcast on Twitter, our Facebook page, and here to find out the best that Gen Con has to offer!


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What is a Macroscope? A really big microscope? A lunar telescope? We take a look at the hidden picture game Macroscope from Mayday Games. Will we reveal a good game, or will the picture be laced with boredom and bad news? Listen and find out, then tell Mayday Games what you think of our review! Thanks for listening!

      Macroscope Review - MFGCast


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Dawn of the Archmage

Mages: They cast magic and summon monsters to slay their enemies. What does it take to make it to Archmage though? Do you bring cupcakes to the weekly mage meeting? Do you iron the other masters capes? Do you have to match the color of your staff with your boots? We talk with Dave Killingsworth from SolarFlare Games about Dawn of the Archmage and why you should help fund this awesome tile laying battle game with beautiful miniatures coming to Kickstarter August 1st!

      Dawn of the Archmage - MFGCast
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