Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em

Join Kurt, Dan, and Kim as they discuss when to ditch those old games that collect dust on the shelves, leave a gaming group that doesn’t see eye to eye, or even ask a person from a gaming group to not be a part of the group because of irreconcilable differences. When in a Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em situation, what would you do?

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Click Click Boom

In this episode Logan takes his parents through Click Click Boom, a bluffing party game by Thing 12 Games! Pay a coin to the pot, give two coins to another player, or get boomed out of the round and lose out on the loot! It’s a wild west shootout with cute animal characters! What does Logan think of this game? Listen and find out!

      Click Click Boom - MFGCast
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Steampunk Skies

Do you like badass airships? Do you like blasting bad guys out of the sky? Do you want to gear up for the fight of your life? Join Kurt as he reviews Zephyr: Winds of Change by Portal Dragon, a game where you set for the air to visit regions, complete assignments, and quest to sail the airwaves to accomplish goals! *Apologies if Kurt sounds not as excited about this game, he recorded it while having a bruised sternum! He was excited! Thanks for your patience!

      Zephyr Winds of Change - MFGCast
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Inside an Aboleth

Join Kurt, Dan, Alex Jarzebinski from Battlebards Fantasy Audio, and Neil Mason from the Two Black Eyes Podcast as they fantasy improv the inside of an Aboleth! There was elves, dwarves, and Trump?! Check out another great improv and thanks to the players for more fun! Our new intro music is brought to us by our friends She Doo Voodoo! Find them on Amazon Music!

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Archmage Origins

We are joined once again by Dave Killingsworth of SolarFlare Games to talk about Archmage Origins, a small but strong card game about manipulating the field of monsters and focusing mystical power to “enlist” creatures to form the strongest army possible. A sequel to the upcoming Dawn of the Archmage, this little card game packs a lot of punch for only $9 shipping included for the US, and $12 outside of the US. Listen to another fun interview with Dave and go pledge for Archmage Origins on Kickstarter May 9th!

Go to for more details!

      Dave Killingsworth Archmage Origins - MFGCast
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Top 5 with 4

Join Dan and Kurt as we welcome back Taco from So1ks Gaming and Page from Bored? Games and Co.! to talk our top game in 5 categories: Euro, Card, Party, Two Player, and Co-Op. Then Dan brings back the DDT (Dan’s Dumb Trivia)! Please go to iTunes and leave us a review. Spread the word!

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You Hack!

Computers, terabytes, firewalls, etc. Some people are good at computers, I am not. Introducing Super Hack Override by Weird Giraffe Games, where players take turns playing public and private hacks to become the Supreme Super Hacker, gaining enough points to win without being caught by the government. So plug into your AOL server and strap on your Ipod Nano, it’s an MFGCast review of Super Hack Override!

      Super Hack Override - MFGCast
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An MFGCast Review of Isle of Monsters

Welcome to the Island of Nowhere Atoll, where players capture and feed monsters so that their monsters can compete at the Scare Fair to scare not only the audience but scare the other monsters as well to help one player become the Island Protector! Join Traci and Kurt as they take a look at what it takes capture these fiends, give them the yum yums, and become the best that training the scares has to offer!

      Isle of Monsters - MFGCast
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Timeless Classics

Carcassone, Backgammon, Power Grid. There are many board games that people call “Classics”. Join Kim, Dan, and Kurt as they talk about games that they think stand the test of time. Do you think that the games we talk about are classics? Join in on the conversation @mfgcast on Twitter and our Facebook page! Thanks for listening!

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An MFGCast Interview with Mike Gnade about Maximum Apocalypse



In this episode we talk to Mike Gnade, game designer from Rock Manor Games about Maximum Apocalypse! Maximum Apocalypse is a tile laying, epic co-op apocalypse driven game where death is lurking around every corner (or tile if you please!). Talking with Mike was a lot of fun, so make sure you go fund Maximum Apocalypse, funding on Kickstarter April 4th!

      Mike Gnade Interview - MFGCast
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