Unfinished: The FlippyDaMan Hack

Our good friend Flippy added his own hack to Unfinished! If you find that this is a great addition to Unfinished, play on! A BIG THANKS to Flippy for helping us out! If you like this hack, help out Flippy by purchasing his RPG for kids, Tiny Horsies: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/152860/Tiny-Horsies-The-Role-Playing-Game


Unfinished Hack

Each character except the DM (Jules) gets 10 Soul Points (SP) which they can use to purchase Ghost Abilities (GA) as they see fit.

Each SP in a GA allows the character to use that GA one time. So, a character with 2 GP in the GA “Go through solid objects” can use that ability two times.

Each night, the character gets all its SP back.

There is no limit on how many SP a character can have on one GA.



Go Through Solid Objects

Each use of this ability allows the character to go through a solid object, like a wall.

If a character without this ability is touched by a person or by a moving object, the character will be pushed aside without the person noticing it or the object being disturbed. If there’s lack of space, the character will pop in a nearby location.


Speak to Living

Each use of this ability allows the character to say a phrase that can be heard by one living person in a location. The same phrase can be heard by more than one person as long as one SP is spent per person.


Move Objects

Each use of this ability allows the character to hold and use an object. To any living person nearby, the object will look as it is moving by itself.

Note that any use of this ability to deliberately hurt, kill, or negatively affect (like stealing from) a living being will immediately send the character to the bottom. For minor offenses or when the character doesn’t know at the moment that it’s affecting someone, Jules might be even less willing to help the character finish its unfinished business or Micah might even appear and try to prevent the character to finish its unfinished business.


Appear in Dreams

Each use of this ability allows the character to appear and interact with a living person for 10 minutes in his or her dreams. The ability doesn’t allow the character to alter the dream otherwise.

Note that the character will not know what the character is dreaming when this ability is activated and there’s a risk to find him or herself in a nightmare or dangerous situation. If the character is killed in the dream, it is immediately sent to the Bottom.

Micah is also known to have appeared in dreams and actively try to kill characters.

When the living person wakes up, he or she will remember the dream but will not thing it’s anything other than a dream.


Appear to Living

Each use of this ability allows the character to be seen by a living person for one second. Unless more than one SP is spent at the same time, this will be interpreted by the living person as a blink and you miss it moment. The living person may interpret this apparition in many ways, thinking it’s a hallucination, thinking it’s a figment of their imagination, or seeing the ghost for what it is.


Possess Living Person

Each use of this ability allows the character to possess a living being for 5 minutes. Note that the living being will not remember anything from the experience.

There are living persons who sell their services as mediums and allow themselves to be possessed so that another living person can talk to the ghost. In such cases, the effect lasts for 10 minutes per use. The other living person may or may not believe that the experience was real and he or she will only interpret it as speaking with a person that might be a charlatan or might be the real thing.

This ability cannot be used with animals.



Each use of this ability allows the character to create a spooky feeling in a living being and making him or her feel afraid and wanting to leave. More than one living being can be affected as long as one SP is used per living being.  The actions of the living being will depend on the circumstances and character of the living being. One living being might decide to run away while another might decide to confront his or her fears.

The characters have 10 days to complete their Unfinished Business. Once one of them completes his or hers, he or she disappears and “wins” his or her game and is removed from the role play.