Unfinished RPG

Hey people!

I made a two player RPG, Unfinished, and rather to attempt to sell it on DriveThruRPG and lose it to the ether, I’m giving it to you FREE on our website! The only thing I ask is to give me and the MFGCast credit for using the game, especially if you use it on your podcast or live stream! 😉

Thanks for taking a look!

Kurt Aumueller




“There is this myth, that if someone dies in a tragic way that they turn into a ghost and can’t move on to the afterlife until they complete their ‘Unfinished Business’. Well…the myth is only half right. The reason you don’t know the whole truth is because you’ve never died, until now.

Here’s the ‘tragic’ scoop: When you die in a ridiculous way (run over by a baby stroller, choke to death on a marshmallow), then I show up to help you with your ‘unfinished business’. Who am I you may ask? I’m Jules, your afterlife guide to all things unfinished. Did you think you’d be able to get through being a ghost without me? Certainly not, you couldn’t even handle being alive…”


Unfinished is meant to be a 2 player game even though you can play with more if you want. It’s your game now, your choice!

One player will play the ghost, the one who died in a crazy, silly way. That player picks how they died. The more ridiculous, the better for the storyline! That player also picks the characters background and personality. Have fun with it!

The other player plays Jules, the supernatural helper of the ghost. Jules’ main goal of the story is to “help” the ghost finish their unfinished business so they can move on to the afterlife. Only thing is Jules doesn’t have a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to helping you out. He/she wants you to succeed to make it to the afterlife, but will pick/embarrass/annoy you. Maybe he/she will even inadvertently mess things up. Jules doesn’t want the ghost to go with Micah to “The Bottom”.

Who’s Micah and “The Bottom”? “The Bottom” is the negative end point if the ghost doesn’t resolve its unfinished business. Micah is the gatekeeper to “The Bottom”. What’s the story behind it all? I leave it up to you!


Here are some things to think about when playing the ghost: What can you do as a ghost? Can you walk through walls? Talk to the dead/living? Can you possess someone?

That’s where Jules comes in. It’s Jules’ job to guide you in the ways of ghostdom. What Jules says is law, even if it’s not really true or not. Is Jules the only supernatural being around? What is Jules’ story? Do you want his/her story to be revealed?

BUT REMEMBER! Jules wants you to succeed, but also is lazy and is not as great of a helper as you would think. Does Jules not really like you because he/she thinks YOU’RE annoying? Are other things on his/her mind? Play around with it!


The ghost gets one exception, one “Soul Point”. The ghost can use the soul point to succeed at any one situation, unless it ends the unfinished business.  That can’t end the story.


Setting: Both players agree on a setting. Old west, present day, the future? Is the ghost human? Alien? Get creative! What about other NPC’S? You can use voices, talk to the air and make up their responses. Another spot to get creative!


Resolving conflicts/skill checks/etc.: The game is about resolving the story through roleplaying. Does Jules not care about the ghost enough to them down the direct path? Does Jules want to take the ghost on a wild goose chase? The responsibility of the success of the game resides with Jules. Make it a fun, adventurous story. But be fair! A success here, a failure there, great interactions between players will lead you to a great narrative!