Episode 32-Games from Original IP’s

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This month we talk about games based on original IP’s! What are original IP’s you ask? They’re games that have established IP’s attached to them, games like Legend of Zelda¬†Monopoly, Harry Potter video games, etc! We talk about those games “Through the Years”, review a great unappreciated game Pandemic: Contagion, and talk about games that the titles sound dirty! So put on you Green Lantern power ring and Ghostbusters hoody, it’s Episode 32: Games from Original IP’s!


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One Response to Episode 32-Games from Original IP’s

  1. Flippy says:

    I once saw a Lord of the Rings RISK and I was so sorry I didn’t buy it in the moment because I never saw it again. I have a Spongebob Monopoly and a South Park chess set. I also got one of those “dares” card games in the version of a soap opera that I liked. All of these were presents, I didn’t buy any of those. I barely play them, but I admit that it does enhance the franchise enhances the game when I do.

    On the other hand, I’d buy any game that had a Dynasty Warriors version or a Three Kingdoms version.

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