Episode 11 – Yet Another Return of the Living Dead XI: MFZCast

Finally…MFGCast has come BACK to theee in-ter-nets!

It’s been a while faithful followers, but your favorite trio of voices have finally made it back on the air.  This month we’re bringing you something that hasn’t been absolutely done to death  (or…UNdeath? Hardy har har!) in the last few years – ZOMBIES!

While making sure we’ve been working on our cardio and perfecting the art of the double-tap, we also found a few minutes here and there to play Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead.  Of course there will be the usual segments: Through the Years, Now Playing, and everyone’s favorite – Weird Games.  In fact, this month, Mike was good enough to find the Weird Game of the month at our local Saver’s (always a treasure trove of used copies of Trivial Pursuit and possibly some real gems such as this month’s Weird Game).

So barricade yourself in an upstairs room, do a triple check of your ammo count, and sit back for a few bit as we try and get a few laughs while you worry about the horde outside of your house, scratching at your doors and windows…just make sure to save that last bullet! Listen to us on iTunes:



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