Episode 10 – Superhero Deckbuilders

This month brings you our take on two fairly recent games that came out in the fall.

In one corner, we have Upper Deck’s “Marvel Legendary”…

and in the opposite corner, Cryptozoic’s “DC Comics Deck Building Game”


To borrow heavily from a Mr. Gaffigan: “deck-building games good, superheroes great, superhero deck-building games…” well, hardly “nasty crap” (for those of you familiar with the source material). In fact, all three of us were in complete agreement that it was a little bit of gaming ambrosia with this sweet, sweet combination of genres of geekery.

And of course you’ll be getting all of our usual tasty treats as you listen to this month’s podcast: Through the years, Now Playing, and Weird Games

So sit back and watch as these two titans of comic-book combat each other in a slightly different medium. One shall stand, one shall fall. At least we, the consumers, all come out winners as these two slug it out for the title of “Bestest comic book deck-building game of goodnessness!” (actual title subject to change)

      Episode 10 - Superhero Deckbuilders
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