Episode 5 – 2D Strategery

Alas, the last summer month has flown by.  Football season is upon us, some of the leaves are just starting to change color, and the four most ravishing voices on the internet are back for another round of drowning your ears in bullshit, err…games!

This month we’re talking all about map-based strategy games.  You remember that dusty box of Risk that had been sitting on the game shelf in your grandma’s basement?  Well, it’s about time to dust it off, find a few friends, open it up, and sit down for the next 13 hours as you roll your way to WORLD DOMINATION!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a show if we didn’t also go into what we’ve been playing, mail sack, a 20 minute drive down memory lane discussing our history with this particular genre, and of course – weird games.  In addition, this month’s review is of Days of Wonder’s Smallworld: Underground.

We also discuss what we’ll be doing for Extra Life this year…stay tuned for more details!

And, in case you’re boycotting Apple products for whatever reason, you can always just listen to the podcast here.

      Episode 5 - 2D Strategery

See ya in 30 days!

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