Episode 2 – Capes and Cowls

That’s right folks, the Titans of the Casting of Pods are back for our monthly visit.  This month we’re even bigger than Flash’s package up above – coming at you with the same three voices you have come to know and love plus TWO new voices!

Considering Marvel was “SMASH”ing records this May, we thought it would be appropriate to put ’em in the limelight.  We talk about all of the superhero games we can  think of – video games going back to the Age of Atari all the way through Marvel’s newer rpg and of course a few weird games that also fall into the genre.  Lastly, we review Greater Than Games’ excellent “Sentinels of the Multiverse”, an original superhero-themed cooperative card game.

Check it out! It’s a power-packed hour of non-stop action and rollicking adventure (okay, that might be a touch of an oversell).

      Episode 2 - Capes and Cowls

Wondertwins power…Activate!

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